Oh you see the light it's coming through…

It’s there in the distance
Always offered to me
Always coming over a hill

Mr. Murphy, always with the appropriate words.  *tips my figurative hat*

I’m getting things comfortable here now, getting used to using WordPress. I like it! It’s nice to not have to code everything by hand, although actually all the tweaking I’ve been doing has almost all been by hand. Oh, irony.

I have not been to sleep tonight. There’s a big community meeting in the Etsy Virtual Labs today that I don’t want to miss, and unfortunately because of my usual sleeping schedule, it falls rather smack in the midst of my “night” time. I could have tried to take a nap, but I slept poorly the night before and had only a nap to sustain me anyway… so I decided to tough it out. I can power through. It isn’t like I’ve been through worse, sleep-wise – the last year of my time in Charlottesville is testimony to that!

So to switch subjects a bit… I’m sure if you’re here and you know me, you’re wondering why I abandoned LiveJournal and and possibly other places as THE place to blog. It’s like this:

  • I haven’t been using xiane.org to the potential it deserves
  • I’m tired of some of the baggage that LJ brings
  • I want to feel like I’m writing because I want to, not because I’m supposed to.

I feel bad, because I’ve neglected blogging at some of the more interesting places that I’ve been invited to be a part of, like Knitster – and I have been bad at keeping up with the EGCG blog, too. I haven’t written much in the way of “deep” writing, like poetry or insightful things, except for the few bits I have in my paper journal. I have a good writing voice and I have things to say – I need to explore that again, and in more detail. Perhaps writing here, with no expectations excepting what I set on myself, will free me.

We shall see, shan’t we?

I write, as openly as possible, about my experiences with life, love, creativity, depression and not-depression. I share opinions. I promote compassion and change. I talk about music. I also write poetry and short stories. I like to share them here.

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