Random bits of thought flow

No music quote to start this off! How odd! However, I can share that my latent DJ brain has been working overtime, throwing together in the Big Mix In My Head a mashup between:

The Who [my generation]
Jet [are you gonna be my girl]
Iggy Pop [lust for life]

I haven’t actually tried any of these out together, but they’ve all got similarities that make my head smush ’em together.

In other, less frivolous news, I wanted to give a mention to Melody Watson’s post today about her experiences with The Artist’s Way, specifically Morning Pages. She says:

“I don’t know, first-hand whether this book would have guided me along to such lofty heights or not. What I do know is that while I was actively writing 3 pages every morning, and sometimes taking myself on “artists dates,” I learned to hear my creative voice and value it for what it was. What’s most interesting about this to me, in hindsight, is that those of us who are nurtured and allowed to express ourselves creatively still sometimes need additional tools.”

That’s pretty impressive insight! I share the background she talks about – one where parents were supportive and encouraging of my artistic endeavors, particularly because my Mom is an artist, even though she’s not actively working with that talent right now. Heck, I even went to college for a theater arts major, that’s how supported I was in my exploration. However, along the way I have made missteps, circles, detours, and rest stops… and that’s okay. This is a lifelong process, and one that grows as I do.

I’m getting prepared to take a serious dive into The Artist’s Way. I held off going into it when I said I would so that I could take the journey with a partner, my friend Cassidy – that way we can both support each other and push for check-ins without stress. I’m very exited about this, because I’m definitely ready for this adventure.

I feel like I should leave you with something pretty to close this! Since I don’t have any photos of this year’s garden, here’s a shot of purslane from last year. Trust me, the current batch looks much the same.


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