Oh my dear I'm always near- Oh my dear… Heal

lyrics from the magnificent Faith and The Muse [heal]

The power of my own words was revealed to me today when I was unable to recover my website on my own. Foolishly, I’d neglected to back up my entries, and I couldn’t get to them through my broken mySQL database. I was frustrated for a good part of the day, until I finally found a calm place with the help of my friend Diana – she walked through me, double-checking my options, and after she and I parsed through what we could think of from the WordPress end, I decided that it *had* to be a mySQL problem… which it was. Emailing my provider yielded a fairly quick resolution [thank you, Revolution Hosting!] and now I’m back to business.

Lesson learned? BACK UP YOUR FILES. Also, don’t panic! Everything will be as it will be.

Today’s work from The Artist’s Way is to make my Hall of Champions – those from my past who have supported me and complimented my work. I think this will require a little digging, because I want to try and find actual compliments if I can. I can think of three VERY supportive teachers from High School… no, four:

  • Ms Schwartz, the Theater teacher who encouraged me to break out of my usual roles in life
  • Mrs Creighton, who unabashedly admired my writing, reading, and vocabulary skills
  • Ms Anderson, the math teacher who helped me break through my math block by total belief in me
  • Mr Huber, who gave me a chance in “Folk Rock” class to learn how to be a rock star.

Heh. So I went and looked at my High School yearbooks just now [hello 1984!] and I found notes from Ms Schwartz – evidently I was very supportive and helpful for her in the bad times – and from Mr Huber, who said I sang sweetly on “Chasing Shadows.” I barely remember that… I think he meant the song by Kansas? How did I forget something I must have sung lead on? I remember singing “Dog and Butterfly” by Heart, with Nina Minor – although that was in 11th grade, and she was definitely the star of that. Huh.

Other people in my Hall of Champions would have to include my family of women: my Grandmother, a woman so spunky that she went by the nickname “Matts” and who taught and encouraged me to be strong enough to take care of anything that came my way. She used to sing my praises to anyone who would listen… my Mom, who told me that I could do anything that I set my mind to, and sent me a letter with the strongest words of encouragement ever when I was at one of my lowest points… and my Aunt Mary, who fed my love of music with concerts and records, and who always had a hug, a supportive word, and a big smile for me.

I actually seem to have a wealth of strong women in my life!

I keep thinking of them, and smiling.

I write, as openly as possible, about my experiences with life, love, creativity, depression and not-depression. I share opinions. I promote compassion and change. I talk about music. I also write poetry and short stories. I like to share them here.

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