tame my madwoman's locks and wipe the sleep from my eyes

lyrics from my own band, The Violet Dawning [redemption]

I slept too much – I had too much to dream, as the song says.

The last series of dreams I remembered involved looking for a place to live, in a house that was huge and rather run down, still filled with the debris of previous tenants. The landlord was trying to sell us on the place, and though I was encouraged by the size and interestingness of the place, I was pretty put off by the relative decay. We left there – and I should mention that I never was shown who the other person was, although I assume it was Rob – and we started walking to a seaside community, one that could only be reached by walking across a very shallow bay. The water was cool, I remember.

The community was one of those isolated throwback types, where the shops were all quaint, and probably all closed by 8pm. There was a college there, but it was also very quaint, and the whole place felt dislodged out of time.

I would have liked to have explored it more, but I was suddenly and rather alarmingly awoke by my mother’s voice, clear as day, speaking my name.


I woke up, and of course I was in my bed, next to my husband, a nine hour drive from my Mom.

I don’t have a sense of foreboding, exactly, but I’m definitely a touch weirded out by it. I’ve had things like this happen before, odd communications or messages that signal actual events, but what it could be in regards to my Mom… I don’t know. I just thought that writing this down would be a good thing to do, because premonitions and signs should be documented.

I wonder what today’s sleep will bring?

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