a day once dawned, and it was beautiful

” A day once dawned from the ground
Then the night she fell
And the air was beautiful
The night she fell all around.

So look see the days
The endless coloured ways
And go play the game that you learnt
From the morning.”

Nick Drake [from the morning]

After a week of feeling rather under the weather, I awoke today with a smile on my face and a cat’s kiss on my nose. I got up easily, came out to the living room to check my email and Twitter, made my usual banana mocha soy smoothie, and set to my Morning Pages, as I really had things I wanted to address from yesterday. I then did some yoga, including delicious sun salutations, because that seemed right. I feel at ease in my body today, even as I see changes happening there.

Speaking of yesterday:

Tonight's dinner

I went to “dinner” – really, it was the first real meal that Mr. White and I had yesterday – with my wonderful Mother-In-Law and so much more. I’m going to call her IxIx here, because I like nicknames and I don’t like typing “MiL” as one. [like I said, she’s so much more than that. Besides, Ix is the opposite of Xi, and that makes me smile!]

We went to Rodi, which is a whimsical restaurant in Gastonia, with a decent selection of meals for my veg pleasure. I had the same meal I’d had last time, because it was SO GOOD – a smoky, spicy gazpacho, and tapas of spicy wilted greens and the best polenta I’ve ever had. I find that their veg selections seem so much more appealing than anything the omnivores at the table get, that I feel like I’m the special one for once at a restaurant. 😉

The conversation was intense, because there was a lot of political talk, something I don’t enjoy with food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good moral/philosophical discussion… but there’s something that doesn’t work for me when it is mixed with a meal. I prefer lighter talk, about more pleasant subjects, saving the tough ones for post-dinner or the drive home. I know, I’m weird like that. I think it just upsets my enjoyment of the meal and my subsequent digestion, plus there’s so much time for dissecting the ills of the world… let my meal be a safe haven.

Don’t get me wrong, the company as always was delightful. I honestly didn’t realize my preference for dinner discussion as such a solid thing until last night and I thought it notable. To offset that, I should mention that not only was the food delicious, but then we came home and Mr. White made us another fresh blueberry crisp, which really hit the spot. I also have a huge basket of local peaches from Ixix to do *something* with, whatever that may be. I’ve been getting lots of great suggestions from the Twitterverse!

I should have another Artist’s Way update up here today, after I get through the usual ablutions of the day, and a coffee date with the ever-awesome Melissa. There could be more spinning and yoga in my future also… and I really should do some actual work. I mean – spinning is part of my work, but it is such a pleasure that it doesn’t count… oh, you know what I mean, silly internets.

Go outside! Wave hello to the sun!

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