a date with Shelby while the sun sets


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I rejected my first attempt at an Artist’s Date this week – a trip alone to Gastonia and to a craft store and a book store – because I felt that it wasn’t a sufficient date. Maybe that’s not the point, but I felt like I was cheating myself on the first date. So I set myself another for today, and I like this one SO much more!
I took my camera and walked all over Uptown Shelby NC, which is the town in which I live, taking photos of the parts that male me happy or inspired. It was definitely a more positive spin on the whole Shelby experience, plus I also got a 20 minute plus walk in – desired desperately by me!
I took photos of many, many things that caught my eye, including a Confederate soldier statue that was perfectly silhouetted in the sun… the former Cleveland County Building/soon-to-be museum’s silver dome… gargoyles that I didn’t know existed on the First Baptist Church! I even walked for a bit down Washington Street, my favourite street in Shelby, filled with old Southern beauties of houses.

I feel great! It was a fulfilling Date, and I love the photos that I took. [click the slideshow button if you like, or view them on my Flickr account if you want to leave commentary – I narrated each one for you.]

This week’s chapter work has been quite the success, and I feel like breakthroughs are happening for me. I managed to get the work done, and I’ve been feeling pretty creative despite an overhanging tiredness all week. This is a good sign. What will next week’s chapter bring? We shall see!

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