"When the light is mine, I felt gravity pull"

“Somewhere near the end it said
”You can’t do this”, I said ”I can too”
Shift sway rivers shift, oceans fall and mountains drift
It’s a Man Ray kind of sky
Let me show you what I can do with it

Step up, step up, step up the sky is open-armed
When the light is mine, I felt gravity pull onto my eyes,
Holding my head straight (looking down).
This is the easiest task I’ve ever had to do…”

REM [feeling gravity’s pull]

One of the things we’re told to expect while working on The Artist’s Way is instances of synchronicity. Today’s Artist’s Date was synchronicity in full force! I went to the Farmer’s Market, which in itself isn’t unusual – what was is that I rarely go by myself. I went with the desire to talk to interesting crafters and look at the bounty of the farms with my child’s eyes, and I was not disappointed.

One of the most visually appealing things to me is a pile of sun-ripened, bumpy-edged heirloom tomatoes. They take me back to childhood visits with my generally taciturn great-grandfather, a veritable picture of old German gruffness that masked a genuine affection for me. I think we would have been kindred spirits if he’d lived long enough to know me past being a child – he had a huge garden that he loved, and had lavished many hours on. That garden had helped keep my family alive during the Depression, and filled the table and my child’s hands many times over with wonderful veggies.

Great-grandad had two things that he would always give me when he saw me… a shiny silver dollar, and a HUGE vine-ripened tomato from his garden that I would eat right there, warm from the sun, while he told me about his cabbages, or the bunnies that came to steal from him, or how he’d picked various varieties for their merits. When I grow things now, I know that he guides my hand… and going to Farmer’s Markets always invokes him for me.

Something wonderfully exciting happened while I was at the market – last week, the organizer of the market gave Mr White a giant bag of baby llama [cria] fiber for me to look over and decide if I wanted for spinning. Today I paid her for it – it is lovely! – and talked to her and another vendor [a beekeeper!] about spinning for a long, long time. This culminated with me being invited to set up a booth for spinning demonstrations and basic lessons! I am quite excited at this prospect, and readily agreed to set up whenever she’d like to have me. How validating! I think next Saturday I might take a chair down and an extra spindle and show the beekeeper how to start off with a spindle. It will be a good excuse to get some spindling in, too!

Synchronicity – I found a new way to bring interest to one of my chosen arts, fiber crafting. I met some new and interesting people, and with even more added serendipity, they know Melissa and her husband! I got a lovely bag of baby llama fiber for a fair price, and went home with a huge container of honey, a bunch of heirloom tomatoes [in honour of Great-grandad!] and my beloved white pattypan squashes – which make me think of my Gran. What a great day! All I want to do is paint big red tomatoes, now. 🙂

I should have some thoughts about other TAW tasks up soon, after I work on actual… work. Ha!

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