"Motions aren't in the shape that emotions are"

lyrics from Cocteau Twins [fifty-fifty clown]

This week’s chapter of The Artist’s Way has a tough directive: to forego reading for one week.

Yep, I’ll let you let that sink in. I know that you know that reading is my PASSION.

For me, though, there IS something to be gained from this – something that I realized has been an issue for me for a while. I tend to fritter away time at the computer, reading blogs, forums, news, and other various internet-based things. There’s a lot of good to be found online, but sometimes I’ll realize that I’ve sat all day in the same position, and what do I have to show for it? Well, I’ve gained some recipes, insight into the lives of familiar strangers, a few craft tips, and perhaps a little entertainment. But y’know, that’s not something that I want to put my whole DAY into! O_O

So far today, I’ve worked a bit on the creative cluster stuff, did my Morning Pages, made coffee, had cereal, took a shower, watered my plants, swept the balcony, washed some dishes, and started the slow process of laundry. I count this as a success. One of the things that I find to be really distracting to my Work is that I can’t easily focus with a lot of other tasks hanging over my head. A lot of things started to slide, organizational-wise, when I got really depressed. This week, so far, has been great incentive for me to take care of some of those nagging tasks. I don’t even have to feel rushed about it, but I can take my time and turn them into a sort of meditation, a way to touch the artist’s brain. This feels inspiring to me.

Who would have thought that I’d ever find household tasks inspiring?

In a side note of weirdness/nature’s funnies – the reason, more than anything, that I have to sweep the balcony regularly, is that I have a colony of “pissy ants” that have taken up residence in one of my window boxes, and in my lavender plant’s container. They like to throw bits of dirt everywhere as they make new tunnels, and I usually end up having to sweep the dirt away every few days. However, the ants have upped the ante [is that a pun?] and have now managed to find a hole in a brand new bag of dirt that I had out there, and they’ve moved into these spacious digs [omg, is that another pun?] – with an incredible amount of dirt-flinging.

I don’t even know how I’m going to get them out of there. *sigh* I was okay with co-existing, why’d they have to get greedy? Silly ants. 🙂

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