"There's no point in sitting going crazy on my own"

lyrics from Kaiser Chiefs [modern way] – a good reminder of who I don’t want to be.

Hello, world! With my usual banana soy mocha smoothie in hand, I come to you in order to tell you about my ongoing work in transitioning from Sad Xiane to Happy Xiane, with sidebars and forays into crafty stuff and food talk. Yay!

So I guess you can tell that I’m a little perky today. Actually, this has been my state all week long, as I keep on with my reading deprivation and discover that somehow the act of not reading – especially blogs, for which I apologise on not keeping up with this week, y’all – has tapped into a huge reserve of energy that’s been applied to household chores, writing, and generally putting things In Order.

I joked about it being almost manic, but the feel’s a true one, without the crazy relentless drive to GoGoGo that mania has. I just can’t seem to get to the bottom of this energy pool without first doing many, many things.

Looking over my Artist’s Way tasks for this week, and taking into consideration my immersion into making my home feel more so by cleaning and organizing, I decided that answering the questions about my ideal environment was a great idea.

I’m a cross of two seperate beings – one is social, desirous of people-time and bustling city-energy… the other longs for a little farm, some solitude, no need to talk to anyone unless I desire to initiate conversation. [that’s a tough thing sometimes, in the South!]

I also have two nesting natures – on one hand, I’d love to have wide open spaces with minimal furniture and decorating distractions… but on the other, I love doodads and art and colour – and by nature I’m a collector and piler, so that would be a challenge for me. [Both my husband and I come from dedicated stacking/piling families, where books and movies and magazines all make relatively tidy but pronounced appearances all over the house.] Finding the happy medium between those two is a challenge, but not insurmountable.

So whereas I’d really *love* a house like this one:


I know that I’d be better off with something that has a cottage feel, yet is close enough to the city to have fun and get to things without driving far, yet far enough away to allow me to keep goats and chickens if I want. I like the photos of various cottages in Carmel, Ca – as seen in a post on the LiveJournal group Alice’s House:

Cottage in Carmel

Things I really want in a home include: lots of space, BIG windows, a garden – maybe with secret spaces in it that you have to look to find, a big tub, lots of storage space for my various craft items… high ceilings are great, too, and a fireplace would not be turned down. Skylights would make me happy, and a deck/balcony/porch is also highly desired. I like micro-environments in the home, it seems – someplace that makes you feel safely in your domain yet with a small sense of privacy.

THIS is why I love my balcony so much in our current apartment! I have a vedant shield of herbs and plants along the railing, and it smells great to sit there… I have a chair and a little table for me to relax in, and I just replaced my wind chimes with new ones, so there will be relaxing chimes to help drown out the residential noise. It is just big enough for me, really, or myself and MrWhite if we decide to have dinner out there. I even have my little red wagon there, for holding gardening things or my drink!

I think this solves another of my directives for this week – to make myself a private space. I already have one, I just need to primp it up a bit. This is an AHA moment! 🙂

Oh yes, I was supposed to address my favourite season, too. Anyone who knows me knows that my absolute favourite is autumn, closely followed by spring. They both have fabulous colours and smells, great weather, and mutable energy that helps me think about important things. Normally winter would come next on the list, and summer last, but winters in NC seem not as exciting, with almost no prospect of snow, so summer has outstripped winter in that regard… although winter holds the best holidays, including my birthday. 😉

Oh! Before I wrap up this post, I should mention that I treated my Artist this week to a toy! Not just any toy, mind you, but an “adult” version of a spirograph, a Hypotrochoid Geometric Set – which is a fancy way of saying “spirograph” without infringing on the copyright! I picked it up at Barnes & Noble while waiting to start the craft show planning meeting on Sunday, and Melissa and I sat around and made fancy-schmancy geometric patterns with it for fun! It came in a really swank looking brushed steel type tin, and I feel all classy taking it out to play with it… no one will know that I’m really five!

Suffice it to say, I’m totally tickled with it… obviously. 😀

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