"It's just the way it should be – It's so right as rain"

lyrics from Clan Of Xymox [obsession]

Yep, started this post 1.5 hours ago, and a music quote’s as far as I’ve advanced with this so far.

Fine, I need to think of little things first, right? Things that I want to do, things that would make me happy. Start with the little ones, then work up.

  • next trip to NYC, go to the Met.
  • start a music podcast
  • get a bike. ride it.
  • learn to knit socks.
  • make at least one lovely baked good a week [treat!]

This is hard. It makes me frustrated, because I’m just not a covetous person by nature – what I do look for tends to be small, but there’s very little that I look at and get all woobly for, you know? I think that my general upbringing, plus my state now where there are very few good things that I don’t have.

Let’s try again:

  • a vespa
  • large terra cotta pots for my herbs
  • a super-swank chaise lounge
  • a writing desk [with cubbyholes]
  • a large amber ring

Welp, that was a little better. Still doesn’t feel natural – is that me denying myself, or me being non-materialistic? It’s hard to tell, folks.

As for a list of imaginary lives? That’s another tough one. I’ve done SO many things that I’ve wanted to do, it’s hard to think of other things I might want to be.

One might think that I like animals/the outdoors, heh. I’ll have to think on this list a little more, and report on what things I can take from them to find or incorporate into my current life.

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