This is the day – This is the time – To stare at the skies in wonder

lyrics from Doves [here it comes]

MrWhite has had a “three day weekend” – from Wednesday through Friday, which is our weekend anyway – so we’ve been trying to do some interesting things. Today’s quest was to drive to Pineville-Matthews and shop at Trader Joe’s, then go to an Indian restaurant that we’d not been to before, Bombay Grille.

I had never been to a Trader Joe’s until I’d moved back to Baltimore a few years ago, but I enjoyed the lower prices that TJ’s offered as compared to places like Whole Foods, and their store brands tend to be pretty good, in my experience. Here in Shelby, the closest Whole Foods is a two hour drive away, but TJ’s and some other smaller organic grocers are under an hour away in Charlotte and totally worth the drive once a month or so, as long as we tag other adventures on with the trip.

The area we were going to is ridiculously hoity-toity, as we discovered when we drove through ostentatious homes and gold courses. [ugh] I’d mericfully forgotten how privilege can seriously turn people into insufferable prigs with a high sense of entitlement, but the first five minutes of our time inside Trader Joe’s brought it all back in force and made me want to punch someone. [actually, specifically the two clueless wenches who thought that it was totally acceptable to take their carts with them wherever they went while moving around the store two abreast and stopping directly in front of every cold case while talking to each other instead of actually shopping. Can you tell they annoyed me? *grin*]

Once I ran the gauntlet of the Rich and Clueless by the cold cases, I became MUCH happier, and gleefully picked up things that are impossible to find around here, like Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. We got a huge bag of arugula for under two bucks, and a giant container of raspberries for under five! We walked away with much more groceries than we would have at the Teeter for the money we spent. I definitely think that we’ll be adding TJ’s to our monthly grocery circuit.

After we finished our shopping and stashed everything safely in cooler bags, we searched out our next stop, Bombay Grille. MrWhite had never been to an Indian restaurant before, so we had a blast trying out various appetizers and beverages. It was fantastic, and so pleasing to find another veg-friendly place locally… we have some other eateries mapped out for future exploration, too. Yay!

MrWhite made some wonderful bing cherry lemonade for us this evening after we returned, too, which I’m gleefully sipping on while typing this out. I’m definitely more inspired to cook more when there’s great ingredients at my fingertips… it’s one of the things that fell a bit by the wayside when the depression hit so hard, and I really do love to cook, so having that desire return makes me very happy indeed.

In just a bit we’re planning to drive to Filbert SC and visit MrWhite’s favourite peach stand. What makes it his favourite isn’t the peaches, though I admit that they’re very tasty – rather, the proprietor, Dori Sanders, who tells amazing stories. In fact, she’s so good at it that she wrote a fairly well-known children’s book, Clover.

We haven’t slept yet, which is nothing new, so we’ll probably come back home and pass the heck out – but leaving now, before it grows hot, really appeals to us. Besides, it’s vacation!

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