I lost some hours thinking of it – I need the strength to go and get what I want

lyrics from The Jam [absolute beginners]

I know things have been relatively quiet over here this weekend, but silence usually indicates that things are happening in XianeLand… today, that would have been a trip to Asheville to swoop upon The Big Crafty with Melissa and Bo, where we bought some awesome crafts, talked to the artisans, and promoted our upcoming craft show in Charlotte, Craft Attack! We then did some nosing around Asheville’s downtown. We stopped in several places, including Earth Guild and my favourite “local” bookstore, Malaprop’s. At Earth Guild I purchased some fiber, as I really needed some undyed wool for my upcoming spinning demo that I’ll be doing at the Foothill Farmer’s Market. I also bought some Skacel “Artfelt” pencil roving in a lime/blue/white colourway for me to play with. At Malaprop’s I treated myself to a really inspiring book: The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith. This would play into my Artist’s Way work later in the day!

We had a blast in Asheville and made it home by about 6:30p or so. I came in to cuddle with MrWhite for a bit before I toddled off to get some coffee and get into my Artist’s Date. At the coffee shop I sat down with new book and some scraps from my sketchbook, and I used some of the inspirational quotes in the back of the book to make little cards with the quotes and little doodles. I then went to Uptown Shelby and left the cards in various places. Some I slipped into doors, others I tucked into alcoves, left in garden boxes, and propped up in windows. I had a great time deciding where to leave them, plus I got some good dusk-time walking in, too.

I’m looking forward to playing with some of the soncepts and suggestions in this book!

As for my Artist’s Way week check-in, I missed 1 day plus one page of Morning Pages, did most of the exercises, and felt like this week was a week of less growth than some, though still rewarding. I did do my cartoon image of my favourite creative block, though I haven’t found time to scan it in yet and post it here. I will try to do so tomorrow.

New week ahead! New opportunities to grow!

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