"And if we live in fear We'll fall away from here"

lyrics from Ego Likeness [the map is not the territory]

This week’s already been a little tough. I started feeling not-quite-right on Sunday while Melissa, Bo, and I were in Asheville – up in the mountains, so my sinuses were acting up, and I came home with a headache. Yesterday, I also had a headache, but I cut it off fairly quickly with an application of Advil, some food, and a soy mocha. It didn’t come back for the rest of the day… but today? Migraine city, baby.

I hve been struggling all day to get the migraine under control. I started with nausea and auras, managed to push back the nausea finally with some starchy food… I’ve taken four Advil today and the pressure/pain comes and goes. I’m not sure why it’s continued to be a problem, but I’m ready for it to go away. My poor head!

Because of the migraine, I didn’t get much done today at ALL. I’m also frustrated by that, although I’m trying to take it in stride. I *did* get my Mountain Rose Herbs order today, with a seriously needed package of henna as well as a pound of lavender and a bunch of other important herbs for things like my dream pillows. I have been kicking around some new ideas for how I want to list my dream pillows, eye pillows, and some new products that I’ve been kicking around in my head. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about would use organic fabrics, if I can find a reliable and affordable resource for them… if you have suggestions, my inbox is open! 😉

It’s funny, because I hadn’t been so inclined to sew for a while, but the bug’s upon me lately. I need to make some more dream pillows, and I have some ideas to change the design slightly – both to make it less labour intensive and to improve the overall look. My brainpan’s pained but still functional, yay!

I’ve also been debating moving my Threeravens.net page/blog over to WordPress. I could make the website and the blog more integrated, as well as blending it a bit more fluidly with what I do here… and I’m feeling that the look I can achieve with WP is much more professional than what blogspot offers. Not to mention, I’d be more inclined to update that blog if it wasn’t yet another something that I need to log into, as silly as that sounds. Again, I’m taking thoughts about this. What do you think?

I do believe that my friend Helen will be in town to see me and hang out here for a few days, which is pretty exciting! If these plans pan out, I forsee lots of knitting, photography, talking, and cooking/eating in our future. How exciting that someone might come to town just to see little ol’ me! This could be a good reason to go check out the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, perhaps. Definitely there’s yarn shops and coffee in the future! Living in the boonies makes visits from friends quite the to-do, you know.

I think I need to confirm and map out some ideas for fun, yay!

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