Words can set you free…

… but I have a hard time believing that words can change your brain chemistry. I’m watching Larry King and there’s a guy on there – Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. – claiming that I can get out of depression just by asking myself “Who is depressed?” over and over.

Look, I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking. I know that I can shape my attitude by focusing on the positive, creating it in my life. But there’s a line between having a negative line of thought and having serious chemical depression. Hell, there’s even some connections being looked at between Alzheimer’s and clinical depression, so just like working the brain can help with the decline of age but might not stave off dementia – so it is with depression.

All I can say for sure is that I worked with my brain for a long time, embracing the doctrine of positive reinforcement in thought and deed to combat depression, and although I still believe in it… I’m also now on Cymbalta. Brains are weird things, and knowing when you need help with yours is NOT a flaw. Please, if you need me to talk more about this, just ask. I swear to you, I fought against the idea of medication for a very long time – just ask anyone who cares about me. I’m still me, but I’m a me on the way to being a healed and whole me, which makes me an even better me.

Sorry to preface with that, but watching that man blather on about how easy it is to think one’s way out of depression was pissing me off. 😉 I don’t think he’s a complete quack by any means, but I do think that this sort of advice is just as irresponsible as telling people that ALL meds are wrong for ALL folks.

So let me continue on with an apology for the radio silence this week – my internet connection was all fubared, thanks to a dead cable modem, but I’m now back! I’ll have the i plant the seeds cluster updated by the end of Sunday, too, for those of you waiting for the Artist’s Way work to get current!

I have a lot of adventures to relate from this week, including an amazing event of synchronicity, my spinning demonstration at the Shelby Farmer’s Market last Saturday, and today’s visit to a new-to-me Farmer’s Market, the Gastonia Farmer’s Market. This week has had a really uneven pace, and I’m ready to get back to something a little more soothing and a touch more predictable without being dull.Look for my update a little later on today.

I’ve missed everyone!

I write, as openly as possible, about my experiences with life, love, creativity, depression and not-depression. I share opinions. I promote compassion and change. I talk about music. I also write poetry and short stories. I like to share them here.

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