less obvious vices and literary devices

Journaling, working. [14/365]

I’ve forgotten if I’ve mentioned that I’m participating in a “photo a day for a year” thingie for Twitter-people, and of course I’m too lazy to check previous entries when I really should be going to bed – as I’m supposed to meet Maya tomorrow in Raleigh for a fun day of seeing a dearly beloved friend and looking at handmade crafts at The Handmade Market.
Anyway, here’s my good faith show that I am, indeed, working on Walking In This World. I have Artist’s Date photos to show, but that’ll have to wait until I get back home from Raleigh. 😉

I write, as openly as possible, about my experiences with life, love, creativity, depression and not-depression. I share opinions. I promote compassion and change. I talk about music. I also write poetry and short stories. I like to share them here.

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