Clutter, clutter, everywhere… ew.

One of the big issues I’ve got in my life is a tendency to clutter. I’m an at least third generation Piler and Stacker, and my husband has the same pedigree. This means that we’re both packrat types that like to amass stacks of magazines, books, papers, ephemera, and what I affectionately like to call “doo-dads.” Also, I must admit that we’re terrible at getting our dirty clothes into the hamper, so that will heap until I wash, then the clothes themselves will roost in the baskets until we get to hanging them up where they belong.


My mantra of late has been to simplify throughout as many aspects of my life as I possibly can… one of the most important places to achieve this needs to be my home, because the clutter mentally holds me back from all the things I could be doing with my mind, my thoughts, my time. I spend too much time fussing over the state of my abode, and cleaning up things inefficiently… whereas if I just removed some of the nonessential stuff, life could be a lot easier.

I’m attempting this in slow, non-stressful steps. First, I’ve cleaned out my old clothes, and the clothing that I don’t wear on a regular basis. That includes some things I’ve purchased and never even worn, mostly because they don’t fit now or don’t work with my style. Someone else will love them, though, so I will be donating them. I’m slowly clearing out magazines and passing them along to other interested readers, or using them for collage.

The next step is coming up with the necessary organization to keep the clutter from reappearing. I have been working to incorporate some of the suggestions that I’ve seen online, but if you would like to share your favourite de-cluttering or organization tips, I would be super grateful… in fact, I think this could be the perfect time for a GIVEAWAY.

Share your de-cluttering or organization tips with me, or post and tell me how desperately you need help in this area… and I’ll pick one commenter randomly to win a free copy of Sink Reflections, by Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady. This is a great book if you are one of those folks that need a system to get you started!

I’ll leave this contest going over the weekend, and I’ll post a winner on November 24th – make sure you leave a blog link or email for me to contact you!

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