An open letter to Polanski Apologists:

Boo hoo. Your golden boy is such an artistic treasure, he made so many wonderful movies! Well, whoop-dee-doo. Those cinematic masterpieces or whatever you’d like to name them aren’t enough EVER to excuse the fact that he RAPED – yes, RAPED – a 13 year old girl. Nothing will ever excuse that. Nothing can mitigate it. He never even served time; instead, he ran from the country and had relative freedom for 30 years. His victim has had to live with the fact that he was able to do this, and now she must live with having all those wounds reopened and dragged back out into the public’s eye.

Please, please, for the love of whatever you hold most dear… put yourself in her place, if only for a moment. What a blow it must be to hear that Roman Polanski should get a free pass because he made some Great Movies… especially when you must go to bed every night knowing that everything changed for you one day in your thirteenth year, and you’ll never be able to completely forget it.

I could just vomit when I read some of the reactions to this news, I really could. In what world should this EVER make sense?

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