The crackle of the radio – A message in the evening sky

Lyrics from Split Enz [poor boy]

In much more pleasant posts…

Several updates are needed to be made! The Wellbutrin seems to be doing its job in keeping me level and energized. I haven’t done much talking to my therapist about the things that won’t keep swirling through my mind, but that will come with time. And of course, I have this space to spill the bits that just need to get the hell out of my brain.

We have a new kitten! She quite literally climbed into our laps and our lives, and has stolen our hearts. She’s a long haired grey and rumpled looking thing, with a sweet face and a spunky attitude – she was very sick and skinny when she came to us, but she got better with liberal application of love and care, and she’s emerged with the best attitude. [and also a great need to chew on my fingers.] We’ve named her Noodle, and the biggest task has been integrating her into our life with the Squeegee Cat. He wants to chase her, she freaks out and hisses and runs, and things escalate from there. She’s growing rapidly, so soon enough she’ll be able to demonstrate how she feels about being chased!

Sleepy time

Otherwise, it’s all XianeTime as normal. I keep spinning yarn and teaching classes, talking endlessly about fiber arts, and rolling stray wool off my clothes. I need to take more photos, and I need to get out and get some hiking in now that Autumn is truly here. This time of year is always good to me, so I’m glad that it is here.

Tell me about your favourite thing to do during Autumn! I want to live vicariously through you, my friends. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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