they don't make feelings like they used to

One thing that the Wellbutrin seems to have done is take away my ability to cry. It’s actually really frustrating, because the FEELING is still there, I just have no mechanism for letting it out. I can even feel the emotional welling that would signal the usual burning feeling I get before the tears flow… but no tears.

I came close today, though. I caught Noodle kitten with the pantry door, and she cried out… and I was so afraid that I’d hurt her, I started shaking. But no tears.

She’s fine, by the way. I think I scared her more than anything. She has a bad habit of jumping, as quick as can be, into any open cabinet, the fridge, a closet, the dryer. I live in fear of her trying that with the oven. She’s small and SO fast!

In better news, it seems that the reissue of my beloved Undone by The Lucy Show is now out. Finally, some people realized how good they were – especially THAT album. The title of this post is from “The White Space” but there isn’t a video for that, so I’ll give you a more well-known song, “A Million Things.”

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