Out with the old, in with the new.

Happy New Year
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2009, you are *so* fired. 2010, we’re looking at you to up the ante and make this year the best ever.

Obviously, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I mean, c’mon – no updates since THANKSGIVING? I’ll take my lashes, y’all. I deserve ’em.

Part of why I’ve failed at updates is that the end part of 2009 has been full of SUCK. I am not in the mood to blog suckiness, so I stayed quiet. In fact, although I want to do a 2009 round-up of events, I’m going to avoid most of the bad stuff. Things I can mention: missing Faron. Getting ill a lot. Adjusting the meds. Going to a counselor and getting the official diagnoses of depression and PTSD. Ending up the year: a massive bacterial maxillary sinus infection that’s got half my face swollen and pained. I’m on lovely antibiotics and vicodin, so I’m hoping to get rid of this crap soon. I figure that 2009 had to get its last say, but eff you, shitty decade – you are OUT OF HERE. Wooo!

Onto the GOOD:

  1. My relationship with Rob is stronger than ever
  2. I’m well on the way to making myself a name as a fiber artist
  3. We added another amazing kitty to the household, and she’s a joy
  4. I’ve been eating really well this year, and it shows
  5. I’m getting back into my creative groove
  6. I’ve made a lot of great new friends this year, especially yarnies!
  7. I’m writing again
  8. My friends and my family are wonderful and supportive
  9. I’m learning how to be happy again, finally!

There are a million other things that I could add here, but these seem to be the most important to mention now. I’m infinitely grateful for my life, the opportunities that I have been given, and the people who love me and support me. I count myself amongst the luckiest people in the world, just for that alone.

As for 2010? I don’t do resolutions, but I do have some goals that I’d like to work toward – no harm, no foul if I fail. The number one thing is to keep on learning to love myself and take care of myself. I’m not getting any younger, so pampering my skin and my health are important – and dressing in ways that make me happy, rather than in whatever’s around, will be soothing to my ego and soul. I deserve this! [so do you, you know.]
Other than that? I want to try my best to let the people who I love that they are indeed loved and treasured by me. I’ve been really uneven in my maintenance of my relationships, and I know it. Trust me, it embarrasses me. I know that it’s been brought on by the depression, which makes it so much easier to just not do anything… but that’s something that I need to change. I’m offered so much love, I need to make sure that those who care know that I don’t take them for granted. I’m going to strive to do better, y’all. I promise.
Oh, and I really want to keep up with writing here. I used to be very good about updating the Livejournal, but when the shit hit the fan in my life and I went back to B’more for that year, things started to slack off, and it got nothing but worse from there. I miss updating. I miss keeping track of the days and my thought via this medium, and I miss the interaction that comments and replies give. So there you go. I’m going to try, and you can poke me as much as you like about it. 🙂

Leaving you with a song that’s been in my head lately – Sarah Fimm’s Be Like Water. Enjoy, and Happy New Year, my friends!

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