But I’m not bitter, no I’m surviving/To face the world, to raise the future.

…tell me about the Forest that you once called home.

Moving. Looks like it’s really happening!
What does this mean for the State of XianeLand? Well, I’ll be relocating from the town o’ Shelby – land of Earl Scruggs, shut-down mills, and the Livermush Expo – for Belmont NC. [well, Belmont but on the edge of Mt. Holly.]

Belmont NC city sign

First, note the yarn/thread in the city sign. Seems like good karma for me and my biz, doesn’t it? Belmont is another city of mills, and although the era of textile industry has mostly moved from the Carolinas, the history is still here.
Also, I’ll be about 20 minutes from Charlotte, which is a vast improvement on the driving time I had from Shelby. I’ll also be closer to neat things like the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden & the US National Whitewater Center.
And Belmont used to be called Garibaldi Station, which appeals to me as a sci-fi fan. 😉

The interesting thing about this move is that it is going to challenge us, financially. We’ll be moving from a rather comfortable existence in a rented space to a tightly reined-in budget in a rather comfortable house.
I think we can live with the trade-off.

I do have some plans to help with my part in making our life more comfy. A raised-bed garden in the [full sun, YAY] back yard… completely from-scratch meals made from local veggies, soaked dried beans, and home-made seitan and the like… and I’m going to be looking for other places to sell my yarn, fiber, spinning kits, and knitwear – farmer’s markets, yarn shops, consignment, other online venues… I’m open to suggestion, too.

Oh man. I hate packing.

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