Places can not claim us home

So… this moving thing.

I could tell you that I haven’t worked this hard in a very long time. Or I could mention the blasting heat of the past two weeks, looking down to discover myself completely covered in sweat yet shivering, hobbling to bed every night because my feet ached and my knees creaked.

I could tell you that I swore that next time, I’d rather go broke hiring movers for ALL this stuff than haul all but the large items ourselves. Or that I threatened to just blow everything up.

But instead, I’d rather mention that we have about two carloads of crap left, and the massive apartment cleaning… and the finding of places for all the things in piles and boxes and bags strewn around the house. Meep. But then, THEN – we will be IN and HAPPY and YAY!

The house is gorgeous. The idea of having my own studio space is energizing and thrilling. And we can’t wait to make meals here, and have people visit. The cats are huge fans of having stairs to run up and down, and have really taken to the new place and all the fun it offers them. When we pull up the blinds, the sun streams in and lights the walls up in the most comforting way, and the neighborhood is amazingly quiet at night. We even have frogs come to visit, and peep next to our house!

Also, I will count this as a massive effort to get myself back on track for getting into shape. I’ve lifted so much heavy stuff that I *must* be getting buff by now! Ha!

I’ll have photos soon; I want to make it look less like a rat maze before I document anything. *grin*

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