If there was any doubt as to what I was saying previously.

[trigger warning for “comic” pedophilic wrongness]

Oh hell, trigger warnings all over the place here. If you’re sensitive, you might tread cautiously, my friends.

. . . .

The above comic linked was #1 on Reddit today.

When someone pointed it out to me, zie did not quite get the chilling ending that I did.
This was because zie had not been sexually abused as a child.

And I had.

My experiences inform me to exactly how that locking door puts the sinking feeling of inevitability, the fear of what’s to come, into one’s heart.
Yep, delivered as the punch line of a joke.

And this is just another reason why rape isn’t funny.

pedophilia: just a more “clinical” term for raping a child.

I really appreciate the comments, messages, and support from y’all. Thank you.


Edited to add: just found the original site this is from – won’t give the author the pleasure of a link – and it’s all pretty damn repugnant… though today’s might have been the worst. Warrrgarbl.

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