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Once again, Harriet of Fugitivus echoes the things I think but have not said.

On Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, and the insistence that rape charges against Julian Assange must be bunk because he does Big Important Things and The Government Is Against Him:

Julian Assange is not Wikileaks
Julian Assange is not Wikileaks
Julian Assange is not Wikileaks
Rape charges are not Wikileaks
Rape charges are not Wikileaks
Rape charges are not Wikileaks

Bailing out a guy who does a thing you like — when anybody else can also do that thing, maybe even you! — is saying that this thing this guy does is more important and more worthwhile than any rape victim, anywhere, ever. It makes a very clear image of your priority list, which looks like this:

1. Stuff I like
2. Everybody else, ha ha, fuck ‘em

Just because you support Assange’s work does not mean that you can so easily dismiss the charges levied against him! To do that not only allows the same song and dance of finding it easy to doubt and dismiss any rape/assault charges against men of power, but it also makes the mistake of conflating the Man and the Work itself.

I am taking this personally, and seriously, and angrily, because I have a personal investment. I have been raped. It is not altogether unlikely that I will be raped again in my lifetime. I know what it is like to be asked, nicely and not nicely, to shut the fuck up. I know what it is like to be bullied. I know what it is like to be mocked, and threatened, and harassed. I know what it is like to decide that being legally rapeable is more tolerable than filing a report, or going to court and asking for justice, as is my legal and human right.

I do not know why Keith Olbermann or Michael Moore are taking this personally. Since neither of them will engage in a discussion, I am left with the most obvious assumption. They are personally invested in keeping rape accusers silent, and are personally invested in making sure others do not believe rape accusers when they speak up. I do not know why they are personally invested. I do not know them personally. But I do know that they both believe that Julian Assange must be unassailable and immune from rape charges, because of his work with Wikileaks. They have spoken on that quite clearly. In fact, it is all they have deemed to clear up, except Olbermann, who wishes you to know that he totally has a friend who was raped once and so he’s incapable of ever being wrong about rape. I guess you guys didn’t know this, but it’s true, and just a well-kept secret among the secret society of rape victims. Everybody who knows me gained this super-power when my husband raped me; they are all right about rape all the time now, like fucking magic. If other rape victims disagree with them, they are just crazy! If only they had known me when I was raped, they would be right all the time, too.

Not fully supporting BOTH sides of the equation – yes, he’s your hero, and heroes can be faulty – denies the possibility that he could very well not be such a great person. And it takes away MY voice, and the voice of every woman who begged to be believed – that just because he is admired does not mean that he could well be a rapist.

I’m sure that I’ll get flack for posting this. No one likes to see the possible flaws in the Hero; no one wants to admit that more rape and potential for abuse goes on the more someone gains power and influence. You may not want to see the man fall, but these accusations MUST be taken seriously, else we demean the experience of 1 in six women worldwide.

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