Sady Doyle, Kate Harding, and everyone else who fought to get some recognition of the potential to harm in this rape accusation debate: thank you.

From Tiger Beatdown:

Maddow hadn’t screwed up on this story before, it’s true. But last night, she said, with great seriousness, that respecting those women and taking those charges seriously was important. And when her team posted it, to @MaddowBlog and the Maddow Blog, they specifically credited #MooreandMe.

And then Michael Moore came on. And the first question Rachel Maddow asked him, the first one she asked him, was about this. That the story had “blown up in a lot of directions.” It had blown up, and had reached out to Rachel Maddow, in one specific direction, and I can’t for the life of me see why she wouldn’t mention us on-air, but, OK. She asked him; she mentioned us, if not by name. And that’s the point at which Michael Moore said this:

“Every woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted or raped has to be, must be, taken seriously. Those charges have to be investigated to the fullest extent possible. For too long, and too many women have been abused in our society, because they were not listened to, and they just got shoved aside… The older people here remember how it used to be. It’s not that much better now, it got a little better, because of the women’s movement made that happen.”

And THIS is why I don’t shut up about what happened to me, what happens to women around the world every day – how our stories are discounted and belittled and ignored and pushed under the rug. It isn’t because I relive my abuse every day …although I’m triggered plenty by things that come up in the media, I am actually as pretty well at peace with what happened to me as one could expect. No, it’s because as an advocate for women who have also gone through this, or might have it happen, or knows or will know someone who was raped, I cannot stop speaking out. To be silent is to be complicit, when I know that my words and actions can do Good in the world.
I’ve had too many people come up to me or message me privately and thank me for what I post here to stop now. And I’m *hardly* a Sady Doyle! If I can even reassure one person that she is NOT alone and that there is a life on the other side, then I feel that my time here is a success.

I know that I don’t post all that many fun/silly posts on this blog. Please do be assured that THIS is not all that I am, but it *is* important work for me. If you want the fun bits – well, more than I show here, at least! – come on over to my Facebook page and I’ll add you there. That’s where the silly posts live!

My friends, each moment of debate and discussion means the world to me. <3

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