Glorious as any star that’s fallen

Not many bands would have me awake at 2am, burning to write about them and their new release.

Brighter Fires isn’t just any band, though.

Brighter Fires

You might know the names Andy Deane and Gopal Metro: they were the first incarnation of Bella Morte – one might say the heart of the band for a very long time – until Gopal left, amicably, to work on other things. Lucky for us, one of the things that was worked on was this project!

One of the first things that struck me about their music is that they’ve managed to get both a retro and a modern synth-driven feel to their songs. It feels amazingly fresh to my ears, yet at the same time it draws on some of my favorite aspects of the early Bella Morte sound. They’ve managed to reference that sound without becoming a rehash; it would have been easy to just keep on with what they were doing when they worked together before, but these tunes go their own direction. And I love the direction they’re going!

Layered over the various synth voices and compelling guitars, Andy’s lyrical, strong vocals are complemented perfectly by Gopal’s harmonies and dueling lyrics, especially in “Something More.” And in “The Heart [Cold Circuit],” there’s an interplay between chilly synth and almost majestic harmonies and string sounds. It’s compelling… I can’t stop listening to it!

Lyrically, the songs are a mix of promise and shadow, misty rains and ash and hope held tight against the heart. There’s an overall message of “no matter what happens, we’ll get through this together” that really appeals to me. [Check out “Sever,” which really sums this up in my mind, and is wonderfully catchy to boot!] “Beyond the Hours” grabbed me right away, but damn if I don’t love everything off this release.


You can find out more about Brighter Fires from several places, including their ReverbNation page and their Facebook page – and the album is available from Bandcamp for an offered price of $2.99 – which is a steal, but don’t let that stop you you from paying more if you can, it’s worth it!

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