Hello there. I am slightly awkward. Let’s be friends!

When the lovely Xiane asked me to be a guest blogger on her site I was a bit nervous. Others have said things to me in the past along the lines of “That thing you said that one time was cool, you should have a blog!” but it always sounded like a lot of responsibility and frankly I was never convinced anything I did or said was all that special. Lately however, I am witnessing many things that are pretty darn important and I’ve been writing about them so I can share with my friends on various social networks. I’m still getting used to idea that people are interested in what I have to say, but I think a lot of things need to be said so I’m going to give it a shot!

The main focus of my life right now is the Occupy Wall Street movement as it has manifested in my home town of Charlottesville, VA. I have become more aware of many issues lately, but the problem of homelessness and how it effects women and the community as a whole is where I am currently trying to be an active part of the solution.


I am prone to both violently rejecting people taking me seriously, and insisting that I have serious things to talk about. I also enjoy silly hats, puppets, and protesting the evils of capitalism while drinking massive amounts of fair trade coffee.

A guest blogger position you say? PERFECT!