Help a Good Dog for Christmas.

Folks, this would be an amazing holiday present to give to two very deserving people – one human, one canine. [yes, I called a dog people, she IS.]
My friend’s furbabies are a lifeline for her. One of her doggies, a gorgeous husky named Mischka, has an abscessed tooth that must be taken care of, or she will get sick and possibly die. My friend has been unable to find work for quite some time, and is desperate to help her dog. Can you PLEASE help her out? Every little bit helps. Please repost if you can, even if you can’t afford to help.

Mischka is a Good Dog
Mischka is a Good Dog

As for me? This is all I want for Christmas. Please consider donating anything you can. Kristy is a good person – animal lover and advocate, always ready with a helping hand to her friends, someone who makes the world a better place just by being here. Mischka is a Very Good Dog who makes Kristy smile, and deserves good health. Kristy has helped innumerable people in the time I’ve known her [well over 10 years] -including me. Please consider helping her and Mischka out.

The ChipIn page, where you can learn a little bit more about Kristy and Mischka:

Or you can use this widget to donate. I guarantee and verify that all funds will go to help a doggie get better health.

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