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I don’t usually post a lot of recommendations on this blog – generally, I either do that on the Threeravens blog, because it’s fibery-related, or when I do, it’s all about some band’s new release. However, I LOVE supporting my friends’ handmade businesses, especially when what they’re doing is really wonderful… doesn’t hurt if the product in question also appeals to my music taste at the same time, either!

My friend Vajra runs Conjure Oils, a one-woman driven perfumery business that focuses on both oils for scent and for ritual, and she’s a master at evoking a mood through her blends. She offers a massive category of different oil blends at Conjure, and I could easily buy all of them if only I could afford to – they’re all that good!

I recently treated myself to one of her Limited Edition blends, from a collection she called Mixtape: August Gloom 2014. Seriously, it was SO HARD to pick just one – she based her offerings on songs by Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, The Chameleons, Phantogram and many other excellent bands… pretty much everything I listen to all the time. After so much deliberation, and ruling out scents based on how much I knew I’d wear them versus the amazing inspirations [really, how DOES one reject a Joy Division based scent? It was tough!] I settled on Golden Dawn, based on the song by Legendary Pink Dots. The description of the oil:

A high ritual oil for union: frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, holy sandalwood and blessed lotus.

Fuck yes. Sign me up.

And it came today, and I opened the bottle and breathed deep, reverently… it is PERFECT. I got shivers, seriously. It is so perfect, I could feel the song in my head and the moment surrounded me until the whiff faded away. Worth every penny, just for that moment alone, I swear. I can’t wait to wear this – with the days slowly getting colder, this will be a mystical little secret next to my skin that will thrill me every time I get a sniff of it.

You can still get oils from this collection, or her other current Limited Editions [I have one on the way from a collection she brought back for a while, how awesome is that?] or any of her other lines, by clicking here: – tell her that Xiane sent you!



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