Just a thought.

The worst of it all: we are human. We really can’t escape that, and all the good and the bad that it holds. We are selfish and self-absorbed, concerned and sacrificing. We can give each other a hand or shoot each other in the face. It all comes with the package deal of being born.

The best of it all: we can strive to change and improve. Simple things can wipe away the setbacks and hurts, at least for a little while. We try very hard to make it all important, even if we’re not sure if we matter at all.
We can dream, and strive, and laugh, and love… and these things can make the worst of it seem worth it.
March 28th, 2003.

Own your life.

Positive energy will get anything you can imagine accomplished. I’m not just looking at the world with innocent eyes, people – I’ve seen it happen again and again in my time on this planet. If I ask for it, in sincerity and without greediness, I usually get it. If I decide to make something happen, it does, even if it takes a while to get things in motion.
I wanted a career in music, for as long as I can remember. You’ll see that I’m involved in ALL sorts of music-related activities. I’m not special, I just opened my mouth and got involved and created opportunities for the things that didn’t manage to fall into my lap. I don’t make a lot of money, but that’s not a high priority for me. Doing what I love is the biggest consideration.

Take a good look around you: what is missing from your life, your scene, your community? What are you willing to do to make those things avilable? Complaining won’t make things change; belittling others’ efforts will get you nothing. Being open to change and working for what you want can make things happen. And don’t be afraid to open your mouth and ask for things! The worst that they can say is “no,” and you’re no worse off then you were before! You are a valuable force. You can make a difference.

Let no one tell you that you can’t make things happen.

Some thoughts on DJing.

The ‘zines were my first foray into the world of Music Opinions That Matter. Some people, somewhere, respected my opinions enough to want me to talk about music that I liked. Anyone who has ever talked to me about music has seen what happens to me: I light up, I become garrulous and and animated. I LOVE music, all sorts of music, and I can talk about it ALL NIGHT. When I meet other music lovers, we form the sort of little circle that I imagine that perhaps lovers of Esperanto form when they meet fellow speakers… we become a cabal, we lord over our opinions and we turn into annoyingly impassioned beings. Those are the best times of my life… next to actually BRINGING the music to a room.

I’m not a technical DJ. I could probably beatmatch my ass out of a paperbag if I had to, but that’s not how I generally operate. I choose music that flows, that tells stories through beat and lyric and mood and sound, and I make you dance to it. More than making you dance, I demand that you CARE about it, I inspire you to come up and ask me about the band, the track, ask where I found it and what else sounds like it and can I write all that down for you?

THAT’s what lights my life. That’s what’s missing in my heart – not the socializing part of clubs, although that’s a nice perk. Not the fake-rockstar-status that some DJs crave – all I’ve really lived for is the “Nice job!” and a request for more info about the music. I’ve used the tagline “your band’s best friend” and I stand by it. I serve the music. I live it. I don’t care about Scene and Politics and Style. I did all that years ago and I’m secure with who I am.

I just want to make you dance, to feel the music and the passion and feel ALIVE and UNDERSTOOD in that moment on the dance floor, then again when you find the treasured CD with that song and you play it in your car, right in the CD store parking lot, and you feel it all over again.

I made music for a while, and it was grand. Now I try to explain why I was so driven to want to make it, and why no matter where I go, I have a soundtrack. I want to give you soundtracks. I want to wake you up.

And right now, that’s missing. No wonder I feel like I lost a piece of my heart.
April 13th, 2006, from my LiveJournal.

I write, as openly as possible, about my experiences with life, love, creativity, depression and not-depression. I share opinions. I promote compassion and change. I talk about music. I also write poetry and short stories. I like to share them here.

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