Urban Mystics 101: Creating Change Within and Without

Intentions and Manifesting, what it is and isn’t


Talking about Manifesting can bring up a lot of skepticism, and understandably so. I get it.
It’s been used to fuel a consumption lifestyle, it’s been an excuse for people to victim blame themselves and others who aren’t succeeding. It feels “woo,” it’s not scientific, and it’s been used by charlatans to bilk a naive public.
Do any of these objections feel real to you? That’s okay! Wanna know why? They’re not wrong.
There are some unscrupulous types who use the idea of the Law of Attraction to get desperate and needy people to spend a lot of cash to try and turn their fortunes around. That’s not how it is supposed to work, though. The concept of Manifestation is really a simple one, and it’s only as “woo” as you want it to be. It only reflects the person who is using it.
By giving yourself a positive mindset towards the things you want to bring into your life, you are training your mind and body to accept the things you need and want but until now, you didn’t manage to bring to your life. Sometimes the reasons for our lack of something we desire in our lives is because of unconscious programming that tells us we don’t deserve it or we’re not capable of achieving whatever it is. Trauma sticks with us and creates all these quiet whispers in our subconscious that feeds us messages like “you’re not good enough, why bother, you will always be poor, you are meant to be right here because this is easy and it’s too hard to change, etc etc…” This isn’t our fault! Trauma is insidious, and we ALL have it, even if we aren’t aware that we’re carrying it around. That’s where the victim blaming feels happen – because it feels like there’s a subtle “it’s your fault you’re not rich/successful/happy” but it really isn’t your fault at all. It’s the programming that you received from your experiences.
The concept of Manifesting and Setting Intentions is about addressing those whispers by taking specific, regular actions to change your thoughts and beliefs. That’s it! There’s nothing “woo” about it at all – it’s really just reprogramming your brain into positivity by using repetition, art, and directed thinking. By doing this reprogramming, not only are you helping your life get better, you are helping to address the negative underpinnings that life’s traumas leave behind.
What CAN’T Manifesting fix? Well, obviously it’s not going to correct institutionalized racism, inequality, and capitalist culture. But it can help you find the right headspace to fight those societal wrongs. It can help you get the strength to get more education, find a better job, become an artist, take on public speaking to address political issues. It’s a tool, nothing more or less, and it can help you as much as you allow it by helping you get the mindset you need to address anything you need in life.
Another thing that Manifesting can’t fix? Clinical depression. You can use it along with your regularly scheduled course of meds and therapy, but please don’t rely on your brain alone to pull you out of that, okay? Because this is just a tool you can use, it is not a cure.
So what’s an Intention, then?
Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan. It represents a commitment to carrying out an action or plan in the future. For us, it specifically means creating a focus on making something happen., by concentrating energy and purpose toward that goal.
All well and good, but how do we do that? 
  1. Decide what you want to achieve. This can be material, social, financial, internal or something else.
  2. Get really clear on WHY you want it. What will getting a scholarship to college look like for you? What will it change for your life, how will it make you feel? Get specific.
  3. Visualize how this will come to be. Write down your Intention, your Why, and as many details you can think of about how this achievement will change your life. See it as clearly in your mind as you possibly can.
After you’ve created your Intention, there are a couple of ways to approach the next step. Some people find it really useful to create a mantra or visualization that they repeat daily to create the Manifestation they desire. Others use a tool like a Vision Board or my favorite, the Intention Box, to set the end goal and then mentally put it on the back burner to “cook” into existence. [This is how I got my first studio, space, by the way!]
The trick is to assess if your goal needs an active or passive sort of Manifesting. Also, some people just work better with one tool over the other, so some practice might reveal this for you as you go along. Personally, I find that my self-care sorts of Intentions respond best to active manifesting work like mantras and daily visualization and journaling. My long-reaching goals – like my studio space – respond best to the Vision Board or Intention Box route. It’s all very personal!
I’ll be teaching you about using an Intention Box in this chapter, as well as creating a daily Manifestation routine. Please feel free to experiment with both!

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