Ever Changing: The Maiden of Spring

ever changing

All seeds She deeply buries,
She weaves the thread of seasons.
Her secret, darkness carries,
She loves beyond all reason.
She changes everything She touches, and
Everything She touches, changes.

– Starhawk, Kore Chant, “The Spiral Dance”

I am no longer a maiden. I know this.

I moved into cronehood over the last couple of years. Yet the Maiden still lives in my heart, Persephone in her hidden realm ruling over all, holding Kore inside her own heart until the right time cycles and she rises forth in a wake of petals.


Kore of the Spring


She who is Ever Changing, she whose name cannot be spoken, she who brings the buds and flowers but also holds the heart of the King of the Underworld: this Goddess speaks to me, in her journey to claim her own space, to own the darkness in the heart of such beauty.
Because of course, seeds germinate in the darkness.

To reclaim the Maiden who wants to be more than the sheltered daughter, to know the choices that allowed her the freedom to become a Queen, at least for half a year – this is a journey I am now called to explore.


Behold the Goddess


My personal life shares many aspects with the story of Kore before she became Persephone. The parallels have become so striking and meaningful that I can feel the call to explore this in depth. I will be doing this exploration and sharing the results [and inviting those called to join me] on my Patreon. Please join me there as we move through the seasons via the path of She Who is Ever Changing.

Everything she touches, changes

Read a little more about Kore:
The Tale of Kore The Maiden, Thalia Took
Lore Olympus, by Rachel Smythe [this is a fantastic webcomic – don’t let that scare you off]

Kore Chant [from Reclaiming]




Spring Equinox Tarot Pull


A Tarot Pull for Spring

I used the Ostara Tarot deck for this reading. I am still breaking these cards in, as they have beautiful silvered edges that make them resistant to shuffling, so I took some time to really shuffle them and hold my intention for this reading in my mind.

This reading centers on four questions for this season:

First card: What should I nurture?
Second card: What should I weed out?
Third card: What’s lacking that I should plant?
Fourth card: What’s the seed that I secretly need?

Here’s my pull and my interpretations:

Card #1: 5 of Wands – This is a card about conflict, and in this case, I need to nurture my willingness to deal with said conflict. It’s easy to let things slide off my back or to push them down – especially things that might cause hurt to others if I speak up. But I know it’s well past time for me to address these conflicts head on, rather than letting them fester.

Card #2: Ace of Cups – I need my friends. I need to weed out that tendency to isolate myself, because it’s easy or because I get overwhelmed. I need my cup refilled, and I need to share what’s in my cup, too.

Card #3: The Moon – I need to plant more reliance on and trust in my subconscious. I feel confident in work like tarot reading, but there are a lot of things in my shadow self that I’ve ignored for far too long, and it make me weak.

Card #4: Death – Ironic that this came up as the seed I secretly need! Persephone speaks, and I am listening. As Death in this instance represents change to me, I recognize the truth in this card. What goes to ground will emerge new and transformed in the Spring.

As I begin this ultimately chthonic journey, I think this reading is a good platform for me to step from; I will want my friends around me as I unravel some of the uglier aspects of what dwells below in my psyche, and I most certainly will be dealing with conflict past and potentially present, if my words disturb some of the untruths that people from my past have wrapped themselves in. It’s a tricky business, going from Maiden to Underworld Goddess.

Did you try this reading? I would love to know more about how it spoke to you.

May all your seeds yield.

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