Helpful Tips for Your Magickal Life Planner


One of the things I like the most about Your Magickal Life Planner is that its designed to be 100% flexible in accordance with your own style of using a planner. Using myself as an example: with most traditional planners, I never use the Daily sheets – my schedule is fairly open and flexible, I only have scheduled activities a few days a week, and those sorts of pages really don’t focus on things that are helpful for me.

In Your Magickal Life Planner [hereby shortened to YMLP] there are two Daily page options, and they are a bit different in focus. The Daily Do page is more useful for someone with a daily agenda that needs tracking, and the other one – which is the one I like to use – has a more open section for schedule, plus a food tracker, a to-do list, and space for daily gratitude notes and another for notes about what I’ve achieved during the day or insights I’ve gained. It’s more like a bullet journal style for me, and that appeals to my unstructured schedule.

Your Magickal Life Planner is FULL of options!

I took some time to note which pages work really well when printed together, because there are pages that you’ll want to print multiples of for your daily, weekly, and monthly use. It’s nice to know what goes together without having to go through the whole planner every time! You may come up with different pairings, which is great – but this will get you started. I also made for myself a page to remind me what I need to print out every week/month, and I’ll share that with you as a download.

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Here’s my Facebook Live video where I talk about how I use Your Magickal Life Planner, and different ways you can tackle all your goal setting and organizational tasks. I also talk about choosing your Word of the Year and what that means to me.


Want your list for how I print my version of Your Magickal Life Planner? Click here and download or save to your Google Drive folder!

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