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Welcome to 2018. 


Hello to a brand new day in a brand new month in the newest year. Let us do something wonderful with this!


I am generally bigger on ritual than tradition – I tend to live in the day-to-day repetitive gestures and movements that build into meaningful action, and keep me focused and active. I don’t like the “grand gestures” like partying in the New Year or swearing to take on big changes.  I don’t make resolutions, I make plans and goals. I keep those small and fun, rather than restrictive and grandiose.

I do have some year-end rituals that are small and meaningful and full of those guidelines that I set above. One thing I do every year is a year-end assessment. I use Your Best Year from Lisa Jacobs/Market Your Creativity, and I track the changes that I’ve created and the goals that I’ve achieved, and plan out the coming year’s goals with thoughtfulness and purpose. It is a fantastic tool to use and I’ve gained real insight from it. One thing I really like is that Lisa includes her answers to each question asked, so you never feel like you’re alone as you work back through your year.

There are two print editions – one for business, one for life – and a downloadable edition if you prefer that.

Business –
Your Best Year 2018: Productivity Workbook and Online Business Planner

Life –
Your Best Year 2018: Life Edition

Downloadables, via Etsy –

Market Your Creativity


I swear by these! If you don’t choose this system, I definitely recommend trying out something that gives you a yearly overview and goal-setting for the year to come. It helps to start off with a fresh perspective.


The Birthday Tarot Spread

Another thing that I’ve taken to this year is almost-daily tarot pulls – not to “show me the future” but to help bring clarity about what’s in my headspace. It’s been amazingly accurate and illuminating, and I decided that I wanted to find a spread that I could use to do a sort of overview/year ahead assessment, in that spirit. I found the perfect one at Little Red Tarot, which of course I did. I love Beth’s site, it always has the most thoughtful posts about tarot. The spread I used can be found here: http://littleredtarot.com/happy-birthday-tarot-spread/


I chose this both because it’s a birthday reading and my birthday comes at the end of the year, so it’s all the same in my head, the end of the calendar year and my personal year. The cards are The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, and the layout/cards are as follows:

  1. What to leave behind in the past year: Son of Cups
  2. A lesson you learned last year, to carry into the next: Seven of Swords
  3. The next thing you will learn: Ace of Swords
  4. The theme of the year ahead:  Two of Cups
  5. Today, something to celebrate: Mother of Wands
  6. Today, something to do: Four of Swords
  7. A birthday message from your ancestors: Ten of Pentacles

Here’s my interpretation:

The time for deep introspection is passing. 2017 was filled with necessity-forced downtime, thanks to injuring myself at the end of 2016. A good deal of my mental time was taken up by reassessing myself and where I want to go with the rest of my life. I came up with some great answers, and now it’s time to start acting more decisively on them. Likewise, I learned that introspection can also lead to procrastination and self-absorbed behaviors, so that’s something to keep in mind when I decide I need to go down the rabbit hole again. Everything in balance!

The Ace card is essence of its suit, and Ace of Swords crackles with the energy in the air – an electric flash, which can illuminate the night or give you a life-altering shock. As the next lesson I will learn, that’s a little intimidating! I am hoping for the card to signal clarity in thought and action, the sort that flashes into your mind like lightning.

My theme for 2018 gives me hope indeed: love, connection, mutual support and appreciation. I love this. I love love.

I celebrated my creativity and soft, caring heart.

On my birthday, I did a LOT of writing and journaling. I set up plans for the year to come. I did that before I sat with this card and thought about it, so there we are.

My message: what you give freely, what you allow to be unfettered and unrestrained, will move freely and come back to you easily. The foundations are solid, and now it is time to allow yourself to trust in that, be open, and let all that is good flow away and back to you. Don’t stress. All will be well because you put the plans in motion.




I like this very, very much. It affirms what I’ve been doing, and helps me see the possibilities for my upcoming days.

A good deal of what I think of as success involves setting up the right mindset. If you think you can, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. A good deal of the time, we are our own worst enemies, instead of the most steadfast cheerleaders.


Want some other bits of guidance? Here’s a few links I liked.

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My other BIG thing for getting it together and keeping it that way has been seriously utilizing a planner. Sounds “duh” – right? But though I’ve USED one, I haven’t really used it to its full potential.



So… I have TWO planners. I use them together to track various aspects of my life. I know, I know. I am a Capricorn, you know.

First up is the day-to-day planner, which includes prompts for daily mindset and goals. I LOVE this planner, because it gets me thinking about how to mindfully approach my day! That’s something I’m really working on this year, because so much time is wasted just farting around, not DOING anything, when I could be doing something that makes me feel fantastic.


The second planner is what I call my “internal” planner – I use it more like a journal, with extended notes about dreams and card readings and health and herbs… things that I consider to be more mystical planning and tracking.  This is The Holistic Planner from The Mood Sisterhood, and I picked mine up as a part of the UNhustle Workbook Bundle which has a TON of other great things to get into as well, like a Moon Cycle and a Chakra workbook, all downloadable and printable. You can also get the Holistic Planner on its own.


The Moon Sisterhood
I love that it has energy grids, tarot layouts, journal prompts, rituals, and even oracle cards with focus pages to get you digging deep! There’s a lot in here for the price, and the printable version is super easy to use. Anne really puts so much care into this offering, and it shows.


So that’s my big start to the year, with no pressure but lots of discovery and excitement. I will be talking more about these concepts here throughout the year, and I invite you to follow along, and share your rituals as well!


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