Introducing DJ Pat 626 and Subculture Shock!

I am so pleased to welcome Pat 626 as the first regular rotation DJ at Radio Xiane!

You may know Pat as the host of Subculture Shock, which they graciously took over from me back in the day when it was still on WNRN FM in Charlottesville VA. They have made Subculture Shock their own in so many ways, and it is my favorite streaming radio show on the air to this day.

So I am SUPER excited to announce that Radio Xiane will be hosting weekly restreams of Subculture Shock and Subculture Shock: Recharge!

You will be able to catch these restreams at two different times:

  • Subculture Shock
    • Monday 10p EDT / 3a BST / 5a MSK / 10a AWST
    • Tuesday 12p EDT / 5p BST / 7p MSK / 12a AWST
  • Subculture Shock: Recharge
    • Friday 10p EDT / 3a BST / 5a MSK / 10a AWST
    • Saturday 12p EDT / 5p BST / 7p MSK / 12a AWST

Here’s a little bit more about Pat 626, blatantly stolen from their Facebook page!

DJ specializing in Goth, Industrial and Alternative.
Experiment 1: Use a wide variety of music.
Experiment 2: Attempt transitions between music people don’t expect.
Experiment 3: Make those transitions work…….
Experiment 626: Never take myself seriously. Music is life, not livelihood.

What? You want it to sound like a press release? Fine. Here:
Host of Subculture Shock on WNRN Charlottesville from 2004-2011, Pat also spun at Goth/Industrial clubs including Umlaut and The Dawning. After retiring to pursue a career, PAT 626, as they call themself now, has returned with a new mission: spin good music without taking the job seriously.
They do not know how well they spin, it just makes them whole.

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