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updates and introduction YMLP

You may have notices that it has been rather quiet over here lately. That’s partly due to a Universe-mandated rest period after a sudden surgery and long recovery. But also, I’ve been concocting some new goodness to offer here!

the magickal life planner


Built with change and growth in mind, these pages aren’t just your normal planner pages.

I am a firm believer in the idea that thoughtful planning is the first step to manifesting changes. That applies to every aspect of your life, from schedule to finances to health to self care to mindset. It’s the simplest form of magic, yet it is one of the most basic tenets: what you focus on, will grow. What you put energy into, will change.

It just so happens that we’re approaching the New Year, and that’s a great time to create goals, delve into personal values, and create new patterns. But keep in mind, this planner can be started at ANY time, because ANY time is a good time to create change!


get deep insight


And though this is called Your Magickal Life Planner, it isn’t specifically for any life path; rather, it’s for anyone who believes that taking action puts events into motion and wants a little guidance in doing that. Want to reassess what’s important in your life? There are pages for that. Ready to tackle getting your finances under control? We’ve got you covered! And if you’re a small businessperson who needs some help staying motivated and organized with social media and blogging, we have some pages that can help you plan your posts out far in advance. There’s even pages to help you inventory your wardrobe – great if you’ve been interested in trying out a capsule wardrobe system – and track your wishlist and book reading list.


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For me, this planner is a great motivation. After having so many months of from life, because I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything or do much work – well, I need something to kick me into gear and help me feel like I’ve got some control over where my life can go. That’s a huge act of magic, y’all.  Small steps move you toward bigger goals.




So for me, I’m coming into 2020 with some new goals and plans, a new printable focus with this planner being the jewel in that crown [for now!], and some new Patreon-only offerings to come. 2019 was tough in some ways but full of important lessons, and I’m happy with that.

Are you ready to start focusing on what you want to create in your life? Let’s do this together! I’ll share my progress and updates from my own Your Magickal Life Planner, and maybe you’ll do the same? Start here, by getting your copy now while the introductory price is still happening!



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