July Full Moon in Capricorn: Thunder Moon

july full moon

Greetings, my friends. I know, it’s been a minute since I updated.

To be honest, it’s been really hard staying focused lately. A huge part of that is the political atmosphere and a crushing feeling of fear and despair over it that I’ve been expending large amounts of energy to hold at bay. That takes up a lot of my personal power and drive, I’m afraid.

All my creative energy has been directed to my Fiber Arts business and teaching; I’m finally feeling like I am both able to and need to look back here to work on some witchy protective and creative energy.

So in that spirit, I’ve drawn three cards while thinking about how I feel and what I should focus on during this full moon and beyond, and I am going to share that reading with you.


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First, let’s talk about the moon energy happening right now. We’ve got a Full Moon in Capricorn at the moment, aka the Thunder Moon or Buck Moon. A Cappy moon is all about self-discipline, organizing and business, and cutting through the bullshit without much emotion – no nonsense, all the way.

For me, it’s an interesting juxtaposition, as I have my Sun sign in Capricorn and my Moon in it’s opposite, Cancer. Cancer moons are alllll about emotion, so it’s no surprise that I’m feeling pretty fraught and beat up right now! It’s all about the stuff I need to hear but probably don’t want to hear. This full moon says “too bad, deal with it.” So… I will. Fine.


The Wild TUnknown Tarot Deck July 2019 reading
Deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot


My standard personal pull is a three card pull with a statement of feelings and intent before pulling cards. Today, I talked to the cards about how stressed I feel, and scared, and what I should focus on in order to keep on a positive path.

The deck I am working with is The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. It is my go-to deck and always gives me the answers I really need.  The stone I held while doing this reading is a large Labradorite.

My reading:

Ten of Cups: Harmony, kinship, joy; be what you want to see in the world. Your cups will fill with the energy you emit.
Nine of Pentacles: Happy, Healthy Home, a plentiful nest; hard work and self control built this.
Nine of Wands: Inner strength, stamina; judge carefully before you expend that energy – just because you can get there doesn’t mean that you should. Be wise in your strength. [work smarter not harder]

My interpretation:  Really, you’re on the right path here. It’s hard right now, but as long as you keep working for justice and kindness, you’ll keep getting a positive return. Remember that even on the darkest days, you are strong and you have worked hard to build up a life that is good by your personal metric – you are paying your bills, you are living by your ethics, and you are slowly creating a business and community that reflects your ideals and standards. This is no small feat. Don’t undermine yourself by thinking there should be more, that the grass is greener elsewhere, or that you have to work harder because you aren’t achieving enough or the right things.


Maybe this is the message that you needed, as well?


Another gift to you for this full moon: a few tips to revel in the energy of July in the Northern Hemisphere.


  • Go outside. Find all the weedy flowers growing in a patch near you. Watch them carefully. Are bees visiting? Birds or butterflies? Observe their small rituals of gracing each flower. Take ten minutes to lose yourself in this moment, just some small creatures moving through their day peacefully.
  • Sit somewhere outside, in the shade. Close your eyes. Listen carefully: what do you hear? Are there birds singing? Cicadas buzzing? Leaves rustling? Breathe deep: what do you smell? Are flowers blooming? Is there a fountain or pool nearby with its distinctive scent? Is someone grilling? Feel the movement around you: is there a breeze that you can sense? Is your hair blowing about? Can you feel the heat of the day on your skin? Open your eyes. What is the first thing you see? What do you think of when you see it?
  • Take a moment of gratitude for everything that makes July bearable. Mine are: air conditioning, cool potable water, fans on the covered patio, ice cubes, fruit smoothies, a sudden blast from the garden hose, shade from trees and buildings, iced coffee, garden tomatoes.

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  1. Melissa Medford

    You are not alone in your feelings or thoughts. This is a difficult time for anyone who has even a small measure of empathy. In that empathetic state we find ourselves thrown hither and thither because the world seems so riled with contempt for each and every being alive on this earth. The sentiments of discourse are numerous and cross the sphere in a way that touches each of us even if only in singularity. You, like many, find not just one single thing that you can rail against but many inconsistencies happening all over the world. Some days I just let it ride some days I get a reprieve. Take it as it comes, love, you are only human. Now I know you know all of thee things, we have lived a life of feeling, and knowing within our soul for many years. Sending you love, light and laughter. Melissa

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