Seeker, Save Your Soul She Said


Who are you? No, look deeper, then deeper still. Who are you in this moment, in this breath, this day, this year, this lifetime?


Why are you here? HERE, on this page, reading this; in the place where you currently stand or sit; in the life you are living, in the path you are walking… how much of this did you choose? How much just seemed to happen to you, as you drifted on the timeline of life?

Who do you want to be? Where would you like to be? How much of your life do you leave to chance?

When do you start taking action to control your life and direction?


She will fly, she will fly
He will wait far away
A golden key to open the door

– Virgin Prunes, Decline and Fall

These are all open ended questions, with no judgement or value attached. I ask these of you in the spirit of self-assessment, to help you see where you may be happy or dissatisfied with your life and goals – to trigger deeper thought about where you’d like your path to lead.

If all is on your chosen course, congratulations! I am proud of you and your hard work, friend.


If you see the places where you would like to change course, then I congratulate you on your insight and invite you to explore with me, if you will, as I share some of my tools for self exploration and change.

Some of my favorite tools for my journey include:

  • directed journaling via thoughtful prompts
  • meditation
  • tarot and oracle card work
  • mind mapping
  • vision boards
  • lunar rituals
  • ritual circle work

I share some of this work here on my blog, but much more are available with my gentle guidance and side-by-side exploration through supporting my Patreon. Depending on your Patreon level, you can have access to a variety of these tools and shared experiences. In the future I plan to add live vlogs, personal writings and guidance, herbal training, and more.

My promise – my troth to you, dear Patrons and Seekers – I will be honest, open, vulnerable, accessible. I will share with you my journey as an Urban Mystic and all the tools that I use as I walk my path. I will be consistent and accountable to both you and myself. And I will do my utmost to support you on your own journey, as well.

Let us travel together as we delve deep into the Mysteries. 

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