Spring? Equinox

Spring brought an ice and snow storm to Baltimore, where I live.


Spring is an unpredictable beauty, especially in the Mid-Atlantic. We have been known to have some substantial snowstorms in March, even as the forsythia burst in golden yellow splendor, magnolia lilliiflora have substantial buds, and the gorgeous Kwanzan cherry tree in my front yard prepares to be a delight in just a short time from now. Right now? All those beautiful harbingers of Spring are covered with ice. It is lovely but treacherous out there.

I spied two small, bright crocuses in the front yard this morning. I planted some crocus and grape hyacinth ages ago and they keep their own schedule – some years nothing will bloom, and I’ll think that they’ve finally died off, and then when I’m least expecting it, I get a special gift of some purple flowers to lift my spirits. It’s usually when I most need it, like so many things that Nature brings.

Spring is my second favorite season [Autumn is #1, in case you were wondering] and I love the promise it brings, after a long season of weather-enforced nesting and inner work. This is where the hard work starts to sprout and bud into something exciting! I spent my Winter doing a lot of needed self-care and some tending to my business, which also was very needed.

I am starting to see the stirrings of growth because of my work, the seeds are sprouting and the potential is invigorating. What will you plant this Spring? It’s not too late to sow the seeds for what you want to nurture in your life. I started my “crop” early but I knew that I had some big, multi-step harvests in mind. Now is the perfect time to embrace all this growing energy.

I’d love to share with you my Ostara tarot reading that I did for myself as part of my Equinox rituals [want the whole ritual? Join my patreon and you’ll get all the details!]

spring tarot reading


For this reading, I shuffled the cards while thinking about what I’ve been concentrating on over the Winter and what I hope to gain from that work. Here’s the spread:

1st card, on left: What will I grow?

2nd card, in middle: What do I need?

3rd card, on right: What will I gain?

My growth card is Two of Cups, a card representing connection, love, meaningful interactions. This is such an appropriate card for me! My whole modus operandi is centered on growing community, especially a community of support and care. I have been working VERY hard to foster new connections and build something new – namely, a group of deep-diving and thoughtful, creative people who want to partner with me to improve ourselves and the world. I love this.

My need card is Father of Wands. When I draw “royal” cards [this card = King of Wands], unless I get the spark that says that this card specifically is channeling a person, I use this card as an avatar of the elements represented here. So in this case, I need to access my charisma, my creative energy, my mastery of my power. I am in charge here, in my life, and I need to act like it. Good advice.

My gain card is Ace of Pentacles, which is a card of prosperous, auspicious beginnings. You see the heart of the tree, the center from which all grows, and it is a secret star, a point of energy and the heart of the matter. I know that from my heart all good things grow, so this is a good reminder. Perhaps I will gain more heart, more growth, more prosperity, more solidity. I like that.


[Like the cards I’m using? They’re The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set) and they are my favorite deck/book by far.]

Taking all these cards together, I feel like this is a solid affirmation that I am going the right direction, and that gives me even more confidence and energy!


I invite you to try this spread yourself and see what insight you gain. If you use it, I’d love to hear the outcome! And if you’d like a personalized tarot spread, a special reading, and more musings and other offerings, I invite you to come join my Patreon, where you can get all of this and more! Thank you for reading and Happy Spring [Happy Autumn to my Southern Hemisphere friends, too!]


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