Subculture Shock 01/09/22

The Gathering – Empires

Josie Pace – Storm and Stress

Wires & Lights – Mayday

Gencab – Taper

Stereoccult – Everybody’s Looking for Someone Tonight

Matt Hart – Decimate

Silent Runners – My Truth

Immune System – I Predict

Valentine Wolfe – The Last Lullabye

CVRCLES – I Want to Destroy Myself

Sea Lungs – Piss Up A Rope

Sapphira Vee – What is This

Autodealer – Precursor

Becko – 666Skincare

Starlit – Modern Love

Last Activity – Shadows

Magic Wands – Wash the Tears Away

SPRAY – The Big Idea

Isserley – Nosedive

Gasoline Invertebrate – Strike It Up

Rosegarden Funeral Party – Chaos

Grimmates (feat. MC Drivewave) – Shopping is Boring

Anti-Social Club – Death to the Fight

Peter Phippen – Tears of Infinity

Ihrsan – The Ballad of Teenage Annoyance

Access to Concrete – See Me Fall

Rohn-Lederman – Watch Out

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