Subculture Shock 01/16/22

With Pat 626


ESA – One Missed Call

Electric Six – Under the God

Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell – Keson (Until my Strength Returns)

Death Loves Veronica – When I Was Dead

Carlo Onda – No Tear

Purple Fog Side & Elsehow – End of Summer

Spankthenun – Right Father

Versari – Reviens

Lorn – Yesterday’s Pain

Sword Tongue – Illusionist

Camlann – Midnight Euphoria

Peachblood – Katyusha (Like Sparks from Rockets)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – 15 Feet of Pure White Snow

Je$us Loves Amerika (feat. Chris Connelly & Gord Young) – The Great Pretender

Collapse of Dawn – Below the Ocean Deep (Amaranth Tektonic Mix)

The Golden Age of Wrestling – Matriarch

Neil Lee Griffin – Voodoo Doll

Gorey Explosives (feat. Bela Fern) – Yeah You (Fight All Night at the Club Remix)

Pitch Black Manor – My Pretty

We Are The World – Hot Chocolate

Vlimmer – Erdgeruch

Suzi Sabotage – Nazi Goths Fuck Off

Flight – Lights Down

Mildreda – Liasons Dangereuses

musyne – circle the wagons

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