Subculture Shock 04-25-21


Comaduster (feat. Mari Kattman) - Where Do You Belong Now?
Ploho - Между нами
Third Realm - When the Sun Goes Down
Strange Boutique - Jet Stream

Moris Blak (feat. Alicia May) - Burying Place
Robert Calvert - Subterraneans (Small Black Remix)
Melting Rust Opera - The Cleaners
VR Sex - Dog Complex

Minuit Machine - Sisters
David Asher - Heaven Ain't Gonna Wait
NILBOG - Lost Mankind
Nero Kane - Mechthild

Handsome Abominations - Slave
ROSI - Forgotten World
Fermion - Blurred Projections
The Insatiable Disquiet - Imaginary Friend

Sapphira Vee - Greed (Blue Ant Remix)
SixTurnsNine - Bird
Bysmarque & Snowwhyte - Thinking Machines
Isserley - Reindeer Games
Immune System - Just Like the Rain

Stenamina Boat - Chuva Imovel
DEAD LIGHTS - Industry
Das Noir - Forever

DEADLIFE - What it Means to Ache

This show by Pat 626 aired originally on Twitch on 042521 and then restreamed here on 042621 and 042721.

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