Subculture Shock 050122

Stephen Mallinder – Hush


Paradox Obscur – Animal Reactor

Echoberyl – Vertigo

grabyourface – HOWDAREU

Painters – Devils Into Angels

Aquila’s Flight – Incantations

The Waning Moon – Fall

Jason Priest – Her Confessions

Ashes Fallen – No New Tale to Tell

Kaapstaad – Night

The Sedona Effect – Ghost

RITUALZ – Teenage Angst

Kibble – Judith, Meet Me At Applebees

Ger Eaton – Phoenix (Reborn)

Like What – Out Alive

TOMIHIRA X Sol Marineris – Alienation

Nezhiletz – I Didn’t Even Exist

AMMO – A Cold War City

Zwaremachine – Effigy

Collect Call – No Amount of Medicine

Null-O Band – Humanoid Must Not Escape

Feast of Saints – Carnality

Batavia – Epitaph

Licorice Chamber – This Love is Dark

The Search – Writing on the Wall

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