Subculture Shock 06/05/22

With DJ Pat 626


October Burns Black – Black Veil
SPECTRA*paris – Devious
Vaselyne – Forever After
Encephalon – Someone Else’s Dream

Amulet – Clear Blue Sky
The Mystic Underground – Peter
Bellhead – No Dead Horses
Mirska – Hounds of Fate
Lost Echoes – Running Out of Time

JHNN – Into the Cold Wave
Hotel – I’ve Seen Terrible Days
Richard Evans – Brave New World
Branded Human – How’s That

Leaether Strip – State Farm
The Amaranth – Gothtimist
Haunt Me – Watch You Bleed
Veritas – Say Goodbye

DEATHDANCE – I am Your Blood
Crystal Eyes – Don’t Turn Around
hatif – City Beneath The City
Vlimmer – Kronzeuge

Aquila’s Flight – Lady Autumn
Hviress – No Exit
Grounded By – Peoria Plague (Ssick Mix)
Black Reuss – Hole

An Uncoming Call – Nowhere

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