Subculture Shock with DJ Pat 626 -5/23/21

* = Request
A Cloud of Ravens - World on Fire (Clan of Xymox Remix)
Black Nail Cabaret - My Casual God (At Your Mercy Remix)
Caroline Blind Music - Tribe (Ben Christo Mix)
Viva Non - Go On
Ashes Fallen - Vampira (The Ballad of Maila)
Blutengel - Wie Sand
Fleur du Louve - Ships
Unheard Sirens Inc. - The Universe Belongs to Us
Purple Fog Side & Elsehow - To the Moon and Back
The Lathe - The Darkest Rain
* Egrets on Ergot - Vital Stats
Beatcore Machine (feat. The Energy Fool) - Love Prolapse
* Alex Reed - Tomorrow Never Knows (live)
Raised in Black - Oh My Goth!
ᴀᴍᴍᴏ† - Rose and Crown
Gary Numan - Intruder
ORCUS NULLIFY - Fall from Faith
Melting Rust Opera - fanseite - Angels Came to Heal the World
Jason Priest - March 25th
Omnimar - Wishing for Life
Michael Haggerty - And There Was War
DEADLIFE - North Inertia
A Distant Shore - Better Day
Seven Federations - The Last Professional
Chris Connelly and Monica Queen and thrum - Tae the Poets
A Projection - Darwin's Eden

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