Subculture Shock with Pat 626 05/02/21

Blutengel - The Victory of Light
Black Angel - Live to Love
Bow Ever Down - Glass Doll (MissSuicide Remix)
Luz Futuro - Vivir en una Isla

WeirdWolves - Overdrive
Cathal Coughlan - Falling Out North St
Sundata - Nothing Scares Me Anymore
Dead. - Disappear
Death Loves Veronica - Burn

Gusten - Don't Kill The Fire
Suffer Ring - Cicada (SØLVE Remix)
Air Hunger - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Dread Risks (feat. Bara Hari) - Vacancy Architect

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Deanna (Acoustic Version)
Gasoline Invertebrate - Bad Fact
* ThouShaltNot - If I Only Were A Goth
Hindu Pez - Wild Turkey, Sweat, and Madness
Astari Nite - All Else is a Curse
Lilith My Mother - NOW

Pluto is a Planet - Silver Dollar
Ink Project (feat. Fifi Rong) - The End
Lefki Symphonia - There Where The Wind Is Asking For You
Arsine Tibe (feat. Sebastian and the Dream) - Voyage Now

Plexiphones - You Shock Me
Dissonance - Damage (1st Assault)
Oui Plastique - Failure

AGNIS - I am the Light

* = Request

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