Subculture Shock with Pat 626 05/09/21

Health and Nine Inch Nails - Isn't Everyone
The City Gates - Cape of Good Hope
Mental Discipline - Stripped
Curse Mackey (feat. Clan of Xymox) - Submerge

Bara Hari - Ugly on the Inside
Paris Alexander - Lost in the City
Null Device - Red Right Hand
The Black Capes - The Bride of Frankenstein

Distance Dealer - Slasher
Tighter Still - Dying Spring
Sweat Boys (feat. Valerie Abbey) - Adrenaline
The Cold Field - Endless Ending

Sega Lugosi - Taco Tuesday
Hallows - Nothing
Bootblacks - Parallel (Chris Vrenna Remix)
VAZUM - Haunted House

Pro Patria - Story of a Boy
Polly Fae - Lavender Tigers
Kirlian Camera - The 8th President
Closed Mouth - Come to Me

Ludovico Technique - Becoming Numb
Sea Lungs - Governor's Ball
Aesthetic Perfection (feat. Sebastian Svalland) - Gravity

Astasis - Engage

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