The Afterparty 01/21/22

With Dj Pat 626

Suspiria – The Frozen Ones
IAMX – The Great Shipwreck of Life
Valentine Wolfe – Ouroboros
Gasoline Invertebrate – Boston (Grasp Logic Remix)
Dearling Physique – Discipline Your Hands
The Faint – Desperate Guys
Spray – Hammered in an Airport
Leaether Strip (feat. And the Sky Bled) – My Body Cage
Gild the Mourn – Greed (Acquisition Mix by The Gothsicles)
Autumn – The Fall
Frank the Baptist – Like Vandals Did (When in Rome)
Psyence Fiction – Here Lies Betelgeuse
Ben Briggs – Napstablook Megamix
Cylab – Dented Halos (Imperative Reaction Mix)
Attrition – The Great Derailer
Ladytron – Fighting in Built Up Areas
Venus Hum – Montana (Shanghai Surprise Remix)
Seeming (feat. Krys Cannon) – Yes Artemis
Broken Nails – Cornucopia
Bedless Bones – Skinwalker
Permafrost – Restore Us (MAPS Remix)
I Like Trains – Patience is a Virtue
Eva X – Black Blood (Dance & Destroy Mix)
The Cure – Lovesong
Normoria – Land of the Rich
Homestuck – Sunslammer
God Module – Ressurection Ressurected
Das Ich – Zuckerbrot Und Peitsche
Infected Mushroom – Cities of the Future
Soft Cell – Tainted Love

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