The Afterparty 12/30/21

With Pat 626

Palais Ideal – Age of Intransigence
Immune System – Lycan
FreqGen – Future 1992
Exo-Kult – Bring Out The Dead
Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
Curse Mackey – Lacerations
NOT MY GOD – 21 Grams
Batavia – Ab Initio (Insatiable Void Mix)
Straight Razor – Iblis
LEATHERS – Missing Scene
Mental Discipline – Stripped
Twin Tribes – Perdidos (Cult of Alia Remix)
Suicide Queen – Scarecrow (John Fryer Remix)
Vonamor – Take Your Heart
daddybear (feat. grabyourface) – Boss Bitch
Eva X – Whipping Girl
Auger – Dark Clouds
Beatcore Machine (feat. The Energy Fool) – Love Prolapse
Kanga – Going Red
DCML. – Driving West
Echoberyl – Salome (Suffer Me)
Matt Hart – Outlaws (Antibody Remix)
Allicorn – Gift
Brigette Handley – Koln
Devours – Nomi’s Got Heat
Go Fight – Icarus (Mekabeat)
Deadlife – Neo Anima
The Gothsicles – Mudskipper
Dead Risks – Trauma Ties (Moris Blak Remix)
SPRAY – Get Normal
Kibble – Judith, Meet Me At Applebees

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