When Your Body Sets Boundaries For You

Trust Your Body

I’ve had issues with my gut for a long, long time – since my 20s at least. I had a series of issues that I thought were unrelated, and possibly from a variety of issues. I spent a lot of time trying to fix things through changing my diet and working to relieve stress, which for sure felt related to my problems.

After a while, symptoms increased and I did visit some doctors in emergency mode, and nothing conclusive was found. There were a lot of guesses and some expensive tests that yielded no answers. I suffered on as things got worse. Then for a while, they got better.

Then… one day they got life threatening. After an extended hospital stay with a ruptured bowel, I discovered that I had colitis. Recently, that diagnosis was “upgraded” to Crohn’s Disease.

I went through a Transition.

In the Hospital

Post-surgery but still stuck in the hospital. I was there for 12 days, recovering.


I ended up with unexpected complications: an infection that we couldn’t pinpoint, fluid in my abdomen. Plus, I couldn’t eat. I lost 20 lbs.

I didn’t have anything to DO, either. I spent a LOT of time in my head, when I wasn’t sleeping.

Slow Recovery

It’s taken months to get back to feeling like myself. Self care is number one!

I was forced to listen to my body. And I finally gained answers. And not only that; I was persuaded that I truly needed to change some things in order to protect myself and heal things that have been long neglected. My body had been trying to tell me it needed help for thirty years. It finally found the right way to show me what I needed to do.

sovereign deck
I picked up the Sovereign Deck while I was recovering and it gave me plenty of good advice.

I learned a lot from my experience.

The biggest thing I learned? Trust my body. When it doesn’t feel right, that’s a message, and I need to listen to it and work unceasingly to understand it.

The second biggest takeaway? I need to get serious about my self-care. I have always been an advocate of radical self-care, but I need to take it further, and build new rituals around it. One new ritual for me is to use sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer religiously. It’s highly important for taking care of my health.

And the third thing? Boundaries are even more important now. I’ll be starting some meds that really wipe out my immune system, so boundaries aren’t just mental or magical these days – they’re physical, too. Boundaries include eschewing hugs and keeping distance. I can adjust to this, although I miss hugging.

I have added all these things to my daily practices, and they are as essential and magical as anything else I do. I read my tarot cards and take vitamins. I create sacred space with ritual and protective space with Lysol and air-hugs. I use Your Magickal Life Planner to work on my vision goals and also to track my doctor appointments. It’s all related.

The lesson you can take away from this is that if you compartmentalize your spiritual and physical lives, DON’T. It really is all intertwined. There’s a reason why my planner has values and goals pages as well as a budget, a to-do list, and other seemingly mundane items. They all are various paths to the same goal – the magic of bringing you to a better place.

How do your magickal and daily goals interlace?

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